Chatter Knowledge Portals

Written by ShamrockCRM on October 3, 2010 – 10:56 am

Chatter Chatter Chatter. All of the news lately is pretty much revolving around Chatter. There are multiple benefits, such as closer teams, better collaboration, passive tracking of data and now, Knowledge Portals.

Chatter Groups are a great way to segment your Salesforce users into different groups based on region, function, department, teams and more. This also allows you to have a communication platform specifically for them. For example, imagine you would like to rollout a new pilot group of users for customer complaint tracking, not sales like your existing users. What is the best way to form a community within amongst them for change notifications, training information, useful documents and more? Chatter Groups of course!

When rolling out a new set of users, I like to setup a Chatter group specifically for them. I create the group, add all of the users, and pick and assign a “champion” for the group. The champion will be the person on the team responsible for motivating user participation in the group and posting announcements.

Once all of the users are assigned to the group, they can ask questions directly within the group and have them answered by people in their same team as opposed to mass posting questions that would essentially not be important to the other sets of users (e.g. customer support rep process issues broadcasted to all sales and marketing people).

Once the group is setup, I also post all training documents and useful material directly in the group. I make all announcements and “useful tips” in this group. Any time anything is posted, it will show up directly on their home page.

What a great way to communicate to one subset of users without bugging everyone else! This is a very simple, easy way to form a knowledge portal directly in You can create as many of these groups as you need.

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Best Practice Tip – Keep it Simple

Written by ShamrockCRM on October 20, 2009 – 12:02 pm

It’s so exciting when you are installing a CRM tool like, because you want to throw in all of the bells and whistles, cool functionality, workflows, approval processes, systems integrations. You want everything to be absolutely perfect before you let a single user into the system to poke around.

Building a complicated system from the start is a Bad Bad idea, unless you have an amazingly devoted future user base. If you build the system with overly complicated processes and system limitations/restrictions, you are going to frustrate the poor users, confuse them, upset them and make them not want to use the tool. If this happens, you will be paying for licenses and will not be getting the benefit of the CRM system that you purchased, because your user adoption will be poor.

My tip from many Salesforce implementations is to keep it very simple from the beginning. Let the users play around from the beginning. Let them understand the basics of the tool before you do anything crazy. Let them track the basic information for their contacts and opportunities and wait for them to request more once they realize what it can actually do. Treat this as an evolutionary rollout. Add functionality in phases and educate the users every step of the way.

Doing this will create dedicated users, quality data, and the highest possible ROI on your CRM investment.

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