Customer Portal – Project Bidding Application

Written by ShamrockCRM on October 16, 2009 – 8:00 pm

I justed implemented a pretty cool application using the Customer Portal that is essentially a website to bid on projects, similar to sites such as,, and other project bidding sites.

This is the basic breakdown:
1) The Salesforce user finds clients that would like to advertise their project that they would like to be bid on by potential resources.
2) Once they cut a deal and the client pays the Salesforce user to advertise, the SFDC user would create a Project record in SFDC. This would be linked to the client’s Account and Contact, tying everything together.

Account/Contact < Projects 3) The SFDC user would then convert this Contact into a portal user with a specified Client profile (providing specific sharing privileges). 4) The SFDC user would then set this user as the owner of the project so they can have full visibility of the project that will be bid on by Partners. 5) The SFDC user sets the project to “Accepting Bids” and a workflow (trigger) fires that finds ALL portal users with a “partner” profile and creates a “Request for Bid” record for all of them. A workflow then triggers and shoots off an email to each one notifying them of the new project to bid on. Account/Contact < Projects < Request for Bid 6) Partner customer portal users login to their portal and they can see all project, via a sharing setting. 7) Partner users associate a Bid record to the project, a trigger fires that counts the total value of all of the Bids and the number of Bids, and the Project owner is notified of the new bid. Formula fields are set on the Project to give average bids, maximum bids, etc. All of this information is rolled up in dashboards to show the entire system’s metrics as well. Account/Contact < Projects < Request for Bid < Bid 8) Client portal users login to their portal to view the activity with their projects and they can choose winning bids, thus triggering additional workflows. It is setup with sharing settings, etc to only allow clients to see their own projects and associated bids. It also only allows partners to view their bids and no one else’s. It also send out weekly dashboard reports to the users to view overall market activity. Very cool application and a great application of the platform! Anyone else build any fun customer portal applications?

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