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Written by ShamrockCRM on February 28, 2010 – 11:52 pm

For all of the nonprofits out there looking for Donor Management Software, is an excellent option to consider and very cost effective (free).

I know that the term “Salesforce” does not necessarily relate to the goals and actions of a nonprofit organization, but try to push this idea to the side and think of it as only a term. This was the name of the company when they were initially created an geared towards for-profit organizations. A lot has since changed and the tool is highly customizable for ANY organization.

Salesforce does an excellent job with Constituent Relationship Management and Donation Management.

A nonprofit can easily utilize the tool to track/perform:
-Organizations that your constituents are affiliated with or employed by (track board members, employees, relationships, etc)
-Households that your contacts live in
-Individual donors, how much they have donated, their memberships
-Volunteers, their participation, their interests, etc
-In kind donations
-Fundraising events, the attendance, the revenue generated
-Group calendar events throughout your organization
-All emails/phone calls/meetings with your contacts
-Donations/grants/other forms of revenue per person/organization/date given/source/etc
-Mass emailings/mailings to various segments of contituents based off of any criteria that you can think of

You really can not beat this offering. Top notch donor management software provided free to nonprofit organizations.

Signup now for a free trial and contact me to learn more about how this can be configured for your organization.
Salesforce Foundation

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