Salesforce Spring 2012 Release Features

Written by ShamrockCRM on January 8, 2012 – 6:51 pm

spring 2012 release Spring 2012 Release is just around the corner and there are several very interesting and helpful features (e.g. cross object workflow) that should make a lot of people’s lives much easier.  Take a look below for the highlight of Salesforce Spring ’12 features.  There will be much more released later when they come out with the full release notes.

As probably expected, Salesforce is continuing with the social revolution with many new Chatter social enhancements.  First off is Chatter Bookmarks, allowing you to bookmark your favorite, most useful Chatter posts.  Is anyone else envisioning that Salesforce is trying to become the replacement for email?

Chatter bookmarks


In addition, Chatter Favorites.  Search for a specific string “medical referrals” and save that Chatter search as a favorite.

Chatter favorites

In every organization, there are social “influencers,” the tech savvy users that post the most, influence other posts, comment a lot and more.  Salesforce has introduced Chatter Influence, which allows you to find the most influential people in your org.

Chatter influencers


Chatter Messenger is the GTalk, AIM, MS Communicator of Salesforce, allowing you to instantly communicate with anyone in your Salesforce organization.  I’m not yet sure if this is a benefit or a burden from adding one more IM service.

Chatter Now communicator

Chatter v2.0 will be released in Spring 2012 for the iPad, bringing an all new UI that is easier to use.

iPad Chatter v2.0 Spring 2012

Chatter Smart Search, bringing the most important items to the top and intelligently categorizing them.  Not world changing, but nice to have to organize the sea of information.

Chatter Smart Search is making it a lot easier to search for the exact types of contacts and leads that you would like to target with advanced Google-like filters. Enhanced Search Strings

Cross object workflows, finally!  This is a long overdue feature that everyone has been waiting for and should reduce the need for APEX Triggers for some very basic scenarios.  I wonder what types of limitations will be placed on this.

Cross object workflows

The drag and drop schema builder ( will be available and should be a nice visualization / building feature for the backend.

Schema drag and drop builder

Siteforce is making the publishing of dynamic data a lot easier with some of their new features.  I don’t feel that this is a fully fledged, competitive Content Management System yet, but they are certainly trying to get there.

Siteforce dynamic data assistant

Siteforce CMS functionality

Siteforce Web to Object is a much needed feature as well.  Instead of utilizing a tool such as FormAssembly or having to build code that ties into the API’s, Siteforce will allow out of the box building of externally facing web forms.  Outstanding.  I’m not expecting this to be fully featured immediately, but it has true potential!

Siteforce Web to Object Web to X

Radian6, the social monitoring package, is releasing new features that tie in with the Service Cloud to allow monitoring and tracking of Cases generated from the social networks.  This, of course, requires the Radian6 license.

Radian6 for Service Cloud

Social marketing hub

I’m not sure if you heard, but Salesforce has spun off a new product for separate licensing (ugh), Salesforce Analytics Edition, which is focusing more on the BI crowd.  This is adding additional reporting capabilities like below.  This can expand horizons quite a bit with exception reporting and more, but the need for an additional license is saddening.

Analytics Edition Advanced Report Filters

Joint Reporting for Analytics Edition

Reporting Data Buckets

 Email to Case functionality has now been built into the Outlook Edition tool.  Hasn’t this always been there?  Maybe I haven’t kept up enough with the Outlook plugin.

Email to Case Salesforce Outlook Edition

 Salesforce Mobile for Android will now allow for full editing capabilities with Spring 2012 in January 2012.  Finally!

Salesforce Mobile for Android

 Shared Tasks are an interesting new feature, but seem very useful, e.g. Send Holiday card to all Florida contacts.  Why create 100 tasks when you can create 1.

Shared tasks in Salesforce

 Social Accounts, person accounts, and social leads are now available, just like the already existing Social Contacts.

Social Accounts

Social Person Accounts

Service Cloud case feeds are becoming a little more beautiful with all relevant data in one location.  The Service Cloud is really a great product lately and is getting nothing but better.

Service Cloud Case Feed

Chatter Answers, the enabling of social self-service.  Answers can come from knowledge articles, customer service agents, and a community of experts.  This really could be the wave of the future with customer service.

Chatter Answers

Salesforce Live Agent and the integration with the service cloud.  Live chat with your customers, manage cases, and log everything that was discussed.  Another nice service cloud enhancement.

Salesforce Live Agent

Overall, a nice set of Spring 2012 features released by

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