Salesforce Winter ’11 Release

Written by ShamrockCRM on September 30, 2010 – 10:30 am

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for Winter. I live in Florida and I am tired of burning alive in the Florida heat. Luckily, Salesforce is bringing Winter ’11 to us soon enough to cool us down. Allow me to detail out some of my favorite features that they will be releasing.

It wouldn’t be fitting to start out a new feature list without Salesforce Chatter – Now, you will be able to search Salesforce Globally for Chatter feeds, people, files, and groups. This won’t help for finding field changes posted in feeds, but it will help for finding posts by other users and relevant topics with #hashtags.

Chatter Files Tab – This will include all files that you upload and other people upload to Chatter. This makes these files easy to find, follow, preview, and search. This is most likely going to generate a lot of confusion as to the difference between Files, Documents, and Content.

Chatter Tab – This brings together all of your People and your Groups and see the recommended People to follow and Groups to join. This will certainly put a lot more focus on Chatter for the users and make it easier to take advantage of.

Chatter Filters – Don’t want to see all of the “spammy” field update posts in Chatter? Now, you can filter your feeds to only see posts from your groups, or posts from people, or posts directed at you. This should cleanup some of the mess.

Chatter Topics – Similar to #Twitter hashtags, you can form relevant topics in Chatter, such as #Invoice, #RFQ, #BigDeal, etc for logical grouping of these posts.

Salesforce for Outlook – This is now available for everybody. This should be helpful to a lot of smaller organizations. This is really a useful tool.

Quote Templates – Released in beta in Summer 2010, this is now Generally Available, allowing you to customize your quoting templates and make them look and feel exactly how you would like. You will need Professional Edition or higher for this. Now, you can preview the templates as you create them, add graphics, add rich text and more. Great functionality.

Attaching Attachments to Activities – This should be useful. Task: “Generate a Quote” Attachment: Customer’s Specifications…although this should probably be placed on the Opportunity, but you get the picture.

New and Improved Service Cloud Console – Now Salesforce requires less clicks and less scrolling. You have to leave the page much less than before and you can jot notes without even leaving the screen. The console allows you to see all related records directly on the screen along with the current record’s information. The console is critical for any organization moving quickly through any sets of records (leads, activities, etc). They have also built in a highlights panel to show the most important fields in an easy to view manner.

Web 2 Case limit increased to 5000 – If you previously stopped using Salesforce, because you hit the 500 Case limit, you are now good to go with 5000.

Global Search – A new and much more powerful search bar for No need for the Advanced Search hacks of the past. Now, this bar allows you to be as generic or specific as you would like when searching for your pertinent data. This will now search custom fields, long text areas, notes, comments, and more. Beautiful!

You will need to enable the new User Interface Header to have this new search bar and look and feel.

Real-Time Report Builder!! – This is a good one and I think we have all been waiting a long time for it to come. I love this. This will make training users much easier when it comes to report creation.
-Drag and drop report columns
-Display report type on report
-Simple customizations
-Better sorting
-Easier chart creations

Visual Process Manager and Flow – Pilot – This will allow you to build your own wizards with point and click operations instead of VisualForce code and APEX. This is actually pretty incredible. Have a scripted sales process for gathering details? Want to walk your users step by step through the process? Here you go.

Profiles in Change Sets – Oh yes. You can now add Profile settings to Change Sets. This will save a lot of time for developers creating large implementation deployment packages.

I am definitely excited about some of the upcoming changes. Flow is going to be huge and so are the Report creation changes.

What is your favorite?

Take a look at the full release notes here: Salesforce Winter 11 Release Notes

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