S-Control Training Tips

Written by ShamrockCRM on December 22, 2008 – 9:27 pm

Another simple, but effective Salesforce customization with an S-Control.

Records in are generally very bland and provide no direction as to what a User needs to do or needs to do next in the system.  I created an S-Control that will display whatever kind of HTML text that you would like directly on ANY record in  This text can be static or it can be constantly changing.  For example, you can coach a Salesperson along for each Opportunity Stage based on your Organization’s sales process.

You can detect that a User has not added any Products yet to the Opportunity and you can show them a HUGE red sign saying “Hey, it’s time to add a Product.  This is how…”

These can be placed anywhere on the screen, on any time of object, can say anything and can be based on any criteria. training

Also, Instruct Users about individual fields!  The options are endless. consulting and training

Obviously, this functionality could really enhance the User experience.  Everything will be a little less confusing, User adoption would increase, Users could be notified of recent functionality changes, their business process can be facilitated based on different criteria.

Contact me if this would interest you.

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  1. By Dave Weinreich on Dec 26, 2008 | Reply

    We are in the process of making a few changes to our “Technical Request” case. Our R&D Department would like to provide instructions to our Sales Department on how to enter some of the information. I assume this s-Control will provide this functionality.

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