Salesforce for iPhone and iPad

Written by ShamrockCRM on December 21, 2011 – 9:03 am

Salesforce released iOS apps well before any glimpse of Android applications, so here is a quick preview of what is available from iTunes.Salesforce iPhone iPad Apps

Salesforce Mobile – the original iPhone app.  It is still VERY basic in the overall UI experience, but it will allows you to accomplish a lot.  Create/Edit/View your standard and custom objects.  View dashboards.  Log activities.  It is certainly not pretty, but if you have an iPhone (or even an iPad) and use Salesforce, this is a must.  It can even be used as a quick way to build very basic iPad applications, but it will not scale up in a pretty way.

Salesforce for iPhone

Salesforce Chatter – Works great for both the iPad and iPhone.  Outstanding collaboration app for your iOS devices.  I wish Chatter functionality was built directly into the Mobile app above, but I understand that they are marketing to more customers than just CRM and want a standalone product.  CRM feels neglected.

Salesforce Mobile Dashboards – Fairly straightforward and to the point.  View your dashboards on a big screen on the iPad.  Great standalone app to prevent confusing executives!

Salesforce Mobile Dashboards


Dragon for Salesforce – Free standalone app to utilize the Voice to Text features provided by Dragon software.  Who really wants to type about their site visit or call log on their tiny mobile phone keyboard when they can just speak.  Pretty nice.

Dragon Salesforce Mobile

I’m very excited for and the mobile capabilities that should hopefully spur from the usage of HTML5.



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