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Do you have the need to integrate your system with any of your ERP or legacy systems or databases?

Would you like to link up SAP Customer Orders with  Would you like to integrate the Contacts in your SQL database with all of your Accounts and Contacts in  Maybe you would like to seamlessly integrate multiple org’s into one business warehouse?

I have performed countless integrations including systems such as SAP, SQL, Oracle, Web Services,, Flat Files and more.  All interfaces are possible.  It all comes down to gathering detailed functional and technical specifications.  Shamrock CRM has a massive amount of experience with Enterprise level integrations.

If you would like to pass data between and another system, whether it be bi-directionally, uni-directionally or en masse, Shamrock CRM can set this up for you in a timely and cost effective manner.

Email Tanner at for more information about Integrations.

Take a look. I was on MSNBC, Bloomberg, AOL, etc for a Cast Iron Integration with SAP that I performed:

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Customer Comments from

Written by ShamrockCRM on February 26, 2009 – 12:58 am

Just thought I’d post a few recommendations from some of my customers:

  • Dave, the VP of Marketing at Clinipace, Inc. posted:

“Shamrock CRM knows “”. We hired them to help us customize our sales pipeline management within our deployment. Tanner and his developers got the job done at an affordable price. The consultants at Shamrock CRM are so much more than “developers”. They are CRM experts who understand process flow from lead generation to sales to operations. I simply explained what we were looking to accomplish and they developed a plan of attack and executed flawlessly. I have since used Shamrock CRM on 6+ additional projects.”

  • Violet, a Sales Operations Project Manager at Intermec Technologies posted:

“Tanner Shamrock has been a tremendous resource to our company. The software development projects that he assisted us with involved complex processes that could not be easily accommodated within the out-of-box functionality of Throughout the development, Tanner would provide honest feedback and suggest creative approaches to problems so that we could achieve our end goals on time and within budget. Because of the initial success of the first project and our very positive experience, we engaged Tanner for a second, third, and soon to be fourth and fifth project — he has become the go-to resource for all of our development projects and is highly recommended to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable, reliable, and personable developer resource.”

  • Brian, a Senior Marketing Manager at CenturyTel posted:

“As the Senior Marketing Manager for an S&P 500 company, I managed our Sales Operations Team and had responsibility for After extensive research, we located Tanner and presented him with a detailed set of requirements. Tanner was able to develop a custom application, code driven, for our organization, which enabled detailed reporting on sales activities for 75 direct sales representatives. Not only did Tanner deliver the product on time, the amount of “fine tuning” was minimal.”

  • Keith, the CIO at Rico Equipment Inc posted:

“I have used Tanner for several salesforce development projects so far this year and have been pleased with the results every time. In fact, Tanner has become our “go to” resource for salesforce development projects. He is very easy to work with and his delivery times are fantastic. In addition to his programming skills, Tanner brings a valuable ability to translate high level business needs into working code.”

  • Stefan, the CTO at posted:

“Shamrock CRM helped customise our Salesforce integration at Despite working entirely remotely (we’re in London, (I think) he’s in Florida), the work went very smoothly and has worked flawlessly since implementation. He just ‘got it done’ – happy to recommend him for any Salesforce work.”

  • Jane, the Director of Development at Conservatory of Flowers (nonprofit) posted:

“Tanner Shamrock customized Salesforce for our non-profit. He was timely, efficient and reasonably priced. I highly recommend him.”

  • Wendy, the Executive Director at Thrive posted:

“Our small non-profit hired Tanner Shamrock to customize Sales Force for our very specific database needs. He has been very easy to work with and we are very pleased with his work.”

  • Neil, a Managing Consultant at TomTom Consultants posted:

“Tanner provided a great service and met the project objectives within budget. He is responsive, an expert on advanced development and we would/will engage Shamrock CRM in future to assist with the deep technical aspects of our projects.”

  • Dixie, an Admissions Advisor at Boise State University (nonprofit) posted:

“We at Boise State, Department of Educational Technology, hired Tanner Shamrock as a consultant, web-designer to help us customize our Sales Force site to meet our specific needs. With Tanner Shamrock’s help, we have had great results in a short period of time. He is reliable, consistent, intelligent, and personable. We are going to continue our working relationship on an “as needed” basis, and we would recommend his work to everyone.”

  • Jeanne, the Development Director at Casa Allegra Community Services (nonprofit) posted:

“Tanner is a pleasure to work with. Our Salesforce database is critical to fundraising and donor & volunteer cultivation. When we first contacted him, Tanner immediately understood our frustrations with a pre-exististing, customized and incomprehensible database that was originally designed with salespeople in mind. He had the experience with other non-profits to help us simplify our database appearance and functionality. He continues to guide us and provide the support that we need to better access, produce reports and update our Salesforce database. He is easy to reach and responds quickly to emails or calls. I am very pleased to recommend Tanner Shamrock.”

  • Dave, the President at Connecting Members posted:

“Our firm has used for over 5 years. Recently we cancelled our Premier Support from Salesforce because it was not providing exactly what we were looking for. That’s when we found Shamrock CRM to provide a higher level of SF knowledge and support. Our first project with Shamrock was awesome and we are now on to the second. Young, fresh, knowledgeable. A pleasure to work with.”

  • Jared, the Director of Science Programs at Thirteen/WNET New York (nonprofit) posted:

“Tanner Shamrock did a great job actively distilling what we needed and creatively customizing a generic program to meet our specific needs.”

  • Dave, an IT Manager at TIC Gums posted:

“We needed some enhancments to our (SFDC) implementation that we were unable to create because we lacked the technical skills. We have in-house development staff and wanted to both implement the enhancements and also treat this as a learning experience for our staff. Shamrock CRM implemented our changes both quickly and inexpensively. After implementation we reviewed the changes with Shamrock and added to our in-house skill set. Shamrock demonstrated both functional and technical knowledge that contributed to a quick and accurate implementation. Shamrock CRM will be at the top of our list the next time we need help.”

  • David, the President at San Diego CRM posted:

“I have never, ever worked with a consultant as talented and as easy to work with as Tanner Shamrock. If they handed out Nobel prizes for consulting, he would be one of the first that I would recommend!”

  • Ron, a Board Member at Ad-Venture, LLC posted:

“Fast, Professional and priced right. I highly recommend Shamrock CRM!”

Shamrock CRM has many other very happy customers.  This is just a small sampling of our successes!

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Our Project Quoting Process

Written by ShamrockCRM on January 4, 2009 – 8:20 pm

Unlike many consulting companies that simply charge by the hour and tend to overrun their time and cost estimates, we provide specific quotes (both time and cost) for each project. We will gather the high level requirements of the project and then provide an estimate of time. Let’s say that we quote 15 hours of work for a project. We will never exceed this amount of time. It might require less time and thus cost you less, but you will never be charged any more. The project will be completed successfully and expertly in the amount of time and money quoted. For larger projects that require many different aspects, we will provide a defined range of time. You will always know what to expect from the beginning.

If you have any upcoming projects that you would be interested in having done by Shamrock CRM, contact us Today and we will build a no-hassle quote within 24 hours for you.

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