Certified Service Cloud Consultant

Written by ShamrockCRM on August 30, 2012 – 2:40 pm

Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant

Let’s add another certification to the books.  On top of the dev, admin, sales cloud certs, I received the Certified Service Cloud Consultant certification today.  This was actually surprisingly easier than the sales cloud exam.  It focused a lot on portals, knowledge and basic call center business process.  Next stop, Tech Arch.

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Certified Administrator

Written by ShamrockCRM on August 22, 2012 – 3:47 pm

certified administrator

In addition to my Developer cert from the other day, I just received my Administrator certification today.  Maybe I completed those in reverse order.  Next stop will be Sales/Service Cloud as well as Tech Arch.

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Written by ShamrockCRM on July 25, 2012 – 8:04 pm Certified Developer

I am now a Certified Developer.  I took the proctored online test (the one where you use a webcam from home) and after a bit of technical difficulty with the software (make sure to use Internet Explorer, not Chrome to download the file), I completed the test in 31 minutes without studying.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.  I have never felt that this certification was really needed to prove someone’s expertise, but I think it is definitely “icing on the cake” for a lot of people.

Want to learn more about Salesforce Certifications?  Visit here.

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