Winter 13 Release Notes

Written by ShamrockCRM on August 24, 2012 – 2:16 pm

Salesforce released the Winter 13 release notes today.

Salesforce Winter 13

Here are some of the more interesting features to expect:

Chatter Polls – similar to Facebook polls allowing users to collect data on users’ thoughts and opinions.  Might be a bit easier than corporate surveys with a simple 1 click response.

Chatter Reporting – now available are 2 Chatter custom report types to report on Chatter Activity statistics (comment counts, like counts, post counts, “influence” score, etc) and hashtag usage.

Google Talk no longer supported – just like the Google Adsense plugin for web 2 leads, there goes Google Talk as well.  I guess you don’t need 2 messenger clients in one tool, do you?  :)

Customizable Forecast custom report types – allowing more granular overviews of exactly what is happening within forecasts (e.g. value before manager overrides/user overrides, owner only amounts, etc).  Chime in here if you use customizable forecasts and not just reports/dashboards?  Most of the people I work with only use basic reporting without adding in forecasting.  I feel most organizations requiring this typically already have their own quota management tools and use them in combination with SFDC reports.

Opportunity Teams (previously Sales Teams) enhancements – Now this enhancement is a bit interesting.  Opportunity teams will now be an entirely new entity with their own page layouts, custom fields, custom buttons, links, validation rules, reports, APEX Triggers, their own related lists, and more to allow better automation of sales team assignments.  There will now be a brand new Opportunity Team Member page.  You will need to go back and “disable team selling” to remove the old sales teams and do some picklist adjusting for the existing roles.

You can now create custom reports that will report on “team” performance and success.  You can also assign teams to specific Accounts and report on them this way as well.  Definitely a different way of thinking from the traditional “this is the salesperson and THIS is THEIR opportunity.”

Salesforce for Outlook enhancements – This is also a nice feature.  This is essentially embedding additional details, such as recent activities (emails, calls, meetings) and recent opportunities about the contacts / leads that you are emailing directly in a side panel in Outlook.  If you are an “Outlook” shop that essentially lives in Outlook, this can be a great tool for saving time.

Salesforce for Outlook

Also, if you use Social Accounts, Social Contacts, the pictures that you have chosen from Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn will show up as well.

Draft Emails in Cases – Salesforce is now becoming a full Chat / Email / Communication client.  As least they are getting close.  Now case agents do not need to send an email immediately.  They can start an email, draft it, continue to work on the case, and send the email when ready.  This is a much needed feature for users that use only Salesforce for customer service.

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